Obstructive Sleep Apnea

obstructive sleep apnea

I get so many questions from parents about their children and sleep trouble, much of which looks (or tends to look) like sleep apnea. But what I find so many of us miss is stopping for a moment to remind parents that they may also be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. So many of us “big kids” spend all of our time worrying about the little kids that we forget to worry about our health. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, as many as 18 million adults may suffer from sleep apnea.   Do You Snore?   I work with many families who are sleeping separately because one parent snores very loudly on top of the children keeping them up. Often, these families focus on getting their child’s sleep resolved, and then they continue to sleep separately due to the snoring. I’ve found that many parents simply don’t want to go to the doctor because they don’t want to wear a mask (CPAP). Thankfully, there are other options to treat obstructive sleep apnea, and although they may not work for everyone they could work for you! Sleep apnea occurs when you have blocked or narrowed airways in your nose, mouth, or throat. This may cause your airway to become blocked when your... more

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The Sleep Lady 4,500 Fan Giveaway

Amazon Gift Card

I am so very excited to announce a giveaway! The Sleep Lady Facebook Page has surpassed 4,500 fans, and to celebrate, I'm giving away a $25.00 AMAZON GIFT CARD! I realize that every family is different, so I wanted to give away something that you could really use. And with a gift card, it doesn't matter whether you've been eyeing a white noise machine, sleep sack, or a teether...you can purchase the item that will most help you and your baby. If you're expecting, this is a great opportunity to get your baby off to a great start with some basic essentials. Don't forget to download my free Gentle Baby Solutions Special Report. To enter The Sleep Lady 4,500 Fan Giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Amazon.com gift card, simply follow the directions below: a Rafflecopter... more

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The Sleep Lady 4k Fan Giveaway

The Original Shnoozle

I am so very excited to announce a giveaway! The Sleep Lady Facebook Page has reached 4,000 fans, and to celebrate, I'm giving away an Original Shnoozle to one fan! The Original Shnoozle is an extremely cute plush friend that helps your child get excited about bedtime. It's patented eyes allow parents to close the Snoozle's eyes when it's time for bed. Even better, the Snoozles do not rely on electronics or other devices that can inhibit sleep. They're truly back-to-basics. As an added bonus, each Shnoozle comes with a Sleepy-Time Rhyme book, specially written for those last few minutes before your child goes to sleep. Also, in case you haven't heard, I'm honored to be speaking at the Cloud b Sleep Baby Sleep Boot Camp on August 9th in Los Angeles! If you're in the area and would like to attend, you can purchase your tickets HERE. If you have encountered problems when trying to purchase your tickets, please know that Cloud b has fixed the problem and you should be good to go to the Cloud b Boot Camp! I hope to see you in August, and good luck! To enter The Sleep Lady 4K Fan Giveaway for a chance to win your very own Snoozle, simply follow the directions below: a Rafflecopter... more

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Babies in the Office?

Baby at work

As a mompreneur myself, I can attest to the difficulties of working from home with my own children. The doorbell is ringing, the dog is barking, you're sigining the FedEx package and making the kids lunch--all while still juggling that important incoming phone call. Working from home really translates to no one in the home understanding that you really are at work!  I know I'm not alone on this one, I've heard so many other mom's talk about their difficult experiences with working from home. So what about bringing your baby to work? I was intrigued with BBC's documentary that premiered this week called, "Babies in the Office". This special featured a company with a baby-friendly policy-- and no, they don't just mean providing daycare at work! The babies at this office are in their mother's arms as their parents work at the computer (difficult to imagine as I'm having flashbacks of working from home with my own children). This U.K. company takes emphasizing a family atmosphere to a new level, saying it boosts their employees morale and loyalty to the company.  Not only are the parents able to save money on childcare costs, but they are also able to be with their children all day. Well, that sounds pretty... more

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The Clutter Diet: Back to School Organization Tips!

Lorie clutter diet

Back to school is like the New Year, isn't it? We've got new goals, aspirations and ideas for how we're going to do everything better. It's a great time to get organized! Certified Professional Organizer® Lorie Marrero is the bestselling author of The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life. She is also the creator of ClutterDiet.com, an innovative program allowing anyone to get expert help at an affordable price. Her organizing books and products are sold online and in stores nationwide. Lorie is the spokesperson for Goodwill Industries International, and she is a sought-after expert for national media such as CNBC, Family Circle, WGN News and Woman's Day. She has also served as a spokesperson for many other companies, including Staples, Brother, and Microsoft, and she writes regularly as an organizing expert for Good Housekeeping. She lives in Austin TX with her husband, two human sons, and 30,000 bee daughters in her backyard beehives. Download Lorie's Back to School tips HERE Receive Your Back to School Countdown List Now We are holding a contest! Make a comment on my Facebook page. We will randomly pick two winners on August 10th. One winner will receive... more

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Organization Mistakes: The 7 Biggest Paper and Information Mistakes

organization mistakes

Guest Post by Lorie Marrero of The Clutter Diet  Did you know that a weekday edition of the New York Times contains more information than a 17th century English person would have seen in his entire lifetime? No wonder we feel so overwhelmed! Managing our information is getting more challenging every day, and you can improve your skills at handling it before it gets worse. Here are the 7 biggest mistakes we see in our work with clients-- are you making these organization mistakes too? 1. Not knowing the difference between Action & Reference This concept is very important for beginning to get through your piles. You need to separate out paper and information that requires action from information that simply needs to be kept for future reference. If you have the actionable items centralized, you will know exactly what needs to be done. Reference items should go directly into a file, or you can have a basket for things “To Be Filed” to batch up your filing for later. 2. Equipment and supplies making it difficult to file Many people have poor quality filing cabinets that create barriers to effective and timely filing of your paperwork. We often see drawers that stick or don’t work correctly, making you just... more

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Dream On: Why Sleep Is Important

Sleep is Important

Getting good sleep may not be on the top of your list but chances are it should be! While the exact science behind why sleep is important still under investigation, research shows that sleep shouldn't be taken lightly. While the health benefits of getting enough sleep at night are abundant, the consequences of not getting enough can also be catastrophic..... Source:... more

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How Do Animals Sleep?

photo by Paul Souders

photo by Paul Souders What fun animal sleep facts to share with your children! This article is from the National Sleep Foundation. "Ever wonder how a dolphin can sleep without drowning or why a bat sleeps upside down? Well, you won't have to wonder any more. Check out how our favorite animals sleep: Dolphins Can you sleep and swim at the same time? For dolphins, this is an easy task. They can turn off half their brain and close one eye, allowing them to be partly asleep and awake at the same time. According to an article in the Scientific American, dolphins sleep this way so they can be ready to protect themselves from predators and swim to the surface for air. ScienCentral News reports that mothers and their baby calves often don't sleep at all for the first few months after birth. Walruses According to HowStuffWorks, walruses (pictured above...aren't they cute?) can sleep and swim at the same time, too. While in the water, walruses can choose between sleeping underwater or above. A walrus can hold its breath for five minutes, just enough time for a nap. For a deeper sleep, walruses inflate spaces inside their body, called pharyngeal pouches, with up to 13 gallons of air. These pouches act like a... more

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The Sleep Lady Asked: “What is the Best Piece of Advice You Would Give Tired Parents?”


When asked the question "What is the best piece of advice you would give tired parents", we received tons of responses and very good answers! Even though it was tough, we chose our 5 favorites. In the comments below, let us know which is your favorite using the numbers beside your favorite entry (ex: "My favorite is number 1"). 1. The best advice to tired parents is simple- think long term!  If you focus on the short term when you just want to get some sleep now, you’ll wind up creating bad habits and your goal will become farther away and harder to reach.  It will get tougher before it gets easier, but if you and your spouse/partner stick to your guns and focus on the long term goal of a good night sleep every night for you and your kid(s), you will be rewarded! Kate C. 2. One of the best pieces of sleep advice I have learned is to go to bed one night at week when my kids do.  It is so tempting to stay up late for some quiet, "adult time", but falling asleep at 8pm one night a week really helps catch up on some much-needed sleep.  Tired parents are just too tired to enforce rules with kids, so give yourself a break and get yourself a little bit of extra sleep! Jennifer Eldredge 3. Be... more

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