My Baby Will Not Nap for Anyone But Grandma!


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Hi, I’m Kim West, the Sleep Lady. In today’s video blog, I am going to answer Nicholas’s question:

“We have a 9 1/2 month old who was a sleep champion when we sleep trained him around 7-months old until he got an ear infection and began teething again. The only way for us to get him to sleep was to hold him all night. My wife and I were taking shifts. Now, he’s over the ear infection and his teething doesn’t seem to be too bad. We’ve moved to a new house as well. He’s doing okay at night, goes to bed around 8:30, almost no fussing and no crying. Sleeps until about 12:30 or 1:00 a.m., wakes up hungry, has some formula then goes right back to sleep no problem.

“His grandma watches him during the weekdays and he seems to nap pretty well for her averaging around 2, 1 1/2 to 2-hour naps a day, which is great but when the weekend comes and it’s time for him to take naps at home, he fights it. This last weekend he cried for 2 hours until we finally give in and decided “no more crying it out”. We need help restoringhim back to sleeping solidly through the night and being able to fall asleep on his own almost anywhere for naps. -Nicholas.”

It’s little bit hard to promise that he’ll be able to fall asleep anywhere because some kids are a little more particular and they like their environment that they go to sleep in to be consistent. However, there are quite a few things that I think would help, especially since right now your baby will not nap for anyone but grandma:


8:30 p.m. is on the late end for a 9 1/2 month old to go to bed.


I want to make sure that he’s not overtired and getting into the crib too drowsy at bedtime. 7:00 or 7:30 p.m. is the common bedtime for his age.


Is he awake enough when he’s going to bed?


sleep problemsI don’t know what’s going on with his naps with grandma. Even though it sounds great, I’m unsure about the timing? I want to know what time is he napping, and are his naps pretty consistent? Most of all, how is she getting him to sleep? Lots of times, grandmas (and sometimes nannies, too), don’t want to hear the baby that they’re taking care of cry, and you can’t blame them. It’s not very fun for any of us. If this is the case, they tend to do more and hold more, so when you have himon a weekend and he won’t know how to go to sleep because you’re putting him down more awake then he is used to.

What this means is that you’ll have to talk to grandma and see if she’s willing to change how she handles naps. Perhaps a more consistent nap routine that mirrors bedtime, putting him down more wakeful and The Shuffle or timed checks.

If you talk to her and she’s not willing to do anything, then at least if you have consistent times, then it just means that you would have to do sleep coaching on the weekends for naps. Does it take longer doing it this way? Yes, it does but it’s not impossible and absolutely can work.

In terms of the feeding during the night, please check with your pediatrician because he may really need to receive calories during the night given his age, weight, and health. If your pediatrician decides that he really doesn’t, then you can (over the course have three to five days) slowly reduce the amount of formula in his bottle until finally he’s down to maybe 2 or 3 ounces and then stop it completely. Be sure to treat all night awakenings the same with either The Shuffle or timed checks. I promise you that in a couple of weeks, you should be back to your great sleep champion.

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Hello! I get super stuck on what to do with my 7 month old's last nap. He wakes around 7am, naps at 9 for about 90 minutes, then around 1 for around 2 hours. If he wakes early from his second nap I put him down for a third short nap around 4:30. But what should I do if he naps until 3 or 3:30? He really can't be awake for more than a couple hours, but if he takes a third nap around 5 then his 7pm bedtime would be awfully close to the third nap. Help!!!! I struggle with this almost everyday and need some consistency.


Please help me! I have a 5mo old 20+lb baby who is still eating like a newborn. He eats aggressively, 6oz bottles every 3/4hours day and night. He has acid reflux and takes Zantac and we use rice in his bottles as well. He rarely sleeps bottle to bottle at night. I am able to put him down swaddled and awake while he drifts off but he doesn't stay that way long before needing attention of some sort. When he wakes for his bottle he wakes up loud and angry until we get that bottle in his mouth. I can't imagine any way to wean him to get him to skip that bottle and maybe do an 8hr Stretch. I have tried everything I can think of, my dr says he is healthy and gaining weight well, and one day it will be better. We are all pretty exhausted and one day can't come soon enough as I'm sure you have heard before. Any advice you could give us would be beyond welcome. Thank you for listening.


Exhausted and desperate



My baby is 4months old. I wake my baby up at 630am, when I did pump I noticed it was only 1oz... I dont know if its even worth it getting up early, because if I let him sleep, he can go to 11am!  We feed him at 1030,2,530,and by 845 he wants his last bottle. We rock him/bjorn him to sleep. Hopefully before 11pm then-I know its too late, but IF I fed him at 730, would he go to bed? If I reduce his bottle at night, he wont go to sleep. We've tried bigger bottles during the day, but he wont take it. Of course now he is in the growth spurt/sleep regression. He just started screaming! every 2 hours for food 1030 1230 230 430 630 930. We upped it to 6oz, but he wont take but 5oz, even with some cereal.  Can we do anything during this time? I noticed that we have to hold him a lot more, and yes he is not napping more than 30 min at a time. HELP! So really its two questions- help during this wonder weeks, and how do i get him to bed earlier?

breefawn moderator

@Hannahbeth123 I'm so sorry you're tired! That sounds incredibly exhausting. It sounds like your baby may be experiencing the 4 month sleep regression-some babies go through this developmental phase a bit later. You can read more about this sleep regression HERE. I would also recommend that you post to The Sleep Lady Facebook wall so that one of the Gentle Sleep Coaches can help you. Good luck!

breefawn moderator

@CrisMom It's common for babies around 4 months to experience a sleep regression. You can read more about the 4 month sleep regression HERE. 4 months is quite young for sleep coaching, but I would still recommend that you post your question on The Sleep Lady's Facebook page so that one of her Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches can help you, too. Good luck!

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