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Good Night, Sleep Tight by Kim West LCSW-C, The Sleep Lady®

Kim West, The Sleep Lady® and nationally respected child and sleep expert, has brought peaceful slumber to many parents and children with her well-thumbed book, Good Night, Sleep Tight. In it West introduced a gentle and effective approach to putting babies and children to sleep that includes her signature step-by-step “Sleep Lady Shuffle.”

Now, in this revised edition, Kim West expands and completely updates her book. The SleepLady®’s Good Night, Sleep Tight deals with one of the most challenging aspects of parenting— getting young children, from newborn to five years old, to sleep. West offers a practical, easy-to-follow, and flexible approach to sleep that is gentle on both parent and child and doesn’t require leaving your child alone to cry.

This updated edition offers advice on everything from how to guide young babies into good sleep rhythms and coping with “routine busters” like travel and teething, to moving your child from a crib to a bed, and sleep tips for twins and siblings. It also includes the latest research on sleep safety, deciphering newborn cries, and pacifier use, with expanded sections on breastfeeding, room sharing vs. co-sleeping, postpartum depression, baby and toddler yoga, phasing out nighttime feedings, and much more.

Whether you want to gently shape your newborn’s sleep habits or you need to address specific sleep problems in your child, The Sleep Lady®’s Good Night, Sleep Tight will give you the answers you need.

Good Night, Sleep Tight Companion Workbook by Kim West LCSW-C, The Sleep Lady®

Good Night Sleep Tight Companion Workbook

At last, a companion workbook to Good Night, Sleep Tight!

The perfect combination for guaranteed sleep success.

Good Night Sleep Tight Workbook is the essential companion to the best selling book, Good Night, Sleep Tight, by The Sleep Lady, Kim West. The workbook includes a step-by-step guide for parents, is organized by age and by process, and is the key to sleep coaching success. The Workbook includes an essential to do list, sleep plans, tear out sleep logs, sleep manner sticker charts, daily reminders and tips and a certificate of completion for celebrating success – all the essentials needed to help you achieve sleep success!

52 Sleep Secrets For Babies by Kim West LCSW-C, The Sleep Lady®

This book was written for all those thousands of new parents who are searching for sleep secrets to prevent sleepless nights down the road. If Kim could pick only one secret she says it would be to fall in love with your baby and gently teach the skill of putting himself or herself to sleep. A priceless gift that lasts a lifetime.

  • More than 11,000 babies are born every day in the United States. Their parents prepare the room, buy all the equipment and diapers, go to birthing classes, find a pediatrician and anxiously await their arrival. Rarely do these parents have any preparation for the sleep deprivation before them.
  • As The Sleep Lady®, a mother and clinical social worker for 15 years, Kim West experienced this sleep deprivation personally and has listened to countless parents complain of their sleepless nights…. well past their baby’s third month. Three months is the magic age we are told our babies will sleep through the night.
  • So many new parents say they were unprepared, they wonder why they were never told that sleep could be so difficult to get, that their baby would not effortlessly learn to put themselves to sleep independently. They wait …..and they pace, they bounce, they rock, they feed, in hopes of elusive sleep. They call, write and ask for magic or “secrets” to help their babies sleep. “What’s the secret, Sleep Lady?” they plead.